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Hi , 

I am trying to implement mobile app Analytics  through Mobile Services SDK by provided sample app , It has only worked for me once where I was able to see some hits in Blood hound post which nothing is working out and I am not able to see image request at all . 

I have tried to put up a logger to see whats happening and this is what I am always seeing : 

02-08 17:22:51.205    8429-8452/? D/ADBMobile﹕ ADBMobile Debug : Analytics - Attempting to send request parameters
&AppID=SDK%20Samples%201.0%20%281%29&.a&.c&t=00%2F00%2F0000%2000%3A00%3A00%200%20-330&page Name=Gallery&aid=48222252377949F7-2C014C1E89E6A505)

02-08 17:22:51.294    8429-8496/? D/Posix﹕ [Posix_connect Debug]Process com.adobe.adbmobilesamples :80
02-08 17:22:51.305    8429-8495/? D/Posix﹕ [Posix_connect Debug]Process com.adobe.adbmobilesamples :80
02-08 17:23:11.847    8429-8460/? D/Posix﹕ [Posix_connect Debug]Process com.adobe.adbmobilesamples :50000

02-08 17:23:11.848    8429-8460/? D/ADBMobile﹕ ADBMobile Debug : Analytics - IOException while sending request, 
may retry(failed to connect to localhost/ (port 50000) after 5000ms: isConnected failed: ECONNREFUSED (Connection refused))

02-08 17:23:11.848    8429-8460/? D/ADBMobile﹕ ADBMobile Debug : Analytics - Network error, imposing internal cooldown(30 seconds)

Can someone please help me out here ??

I have even attached bloodhound image too in this 

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hey Anudeep Srivastav ,

It looks like your device/emulator isn't able to communicate with your Bloodhound instance.  I would double-check your ADBMobileConfig.json file to verify it's pointing at the IP Address of your Bloodhound proxy.  Hope this helps.

steve benedick

sr mobile software engineer

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Answers (1)



Hi Steve , 

I have corrected it , I did a mistake of not changing Server in ADBMobileConfig.json file to blood hound proxy . 

I am able to see data in Blood Hound now .. 

Thanks for the help ..