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Currently, if you want to manage your points of interest for Location Tracking, it is recommended that you manage the information through Mobile Services using the interface or by uploading a CSV file to that location.  When you view the line in ADBMobileConfig.json for analytics.poi, it points to a file that begins with "https://assets.adobedtm.com/.../<fileName>.json.

My questions is this: Can I point to a custom file of my own sitting elsewhere, or am I required to use the location shown in my config file.  The goal for having an alternate location and/or file name is to maintain a file that updates automatically instead of being required to upload a new file anytime the information changes.

Thanks in advance!

CC: Gigazelle​, Jen Andrews

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @jeff_bloomer,

It is not possible to use your own custom location file.  The only current documented and supported method for uploading or deleting POI is below.

Manage Points of Interest


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