Is there a way to include Page Name when calling trackAction from the iOS Mobile SDK?



As the title says, I am looking to include the Page Name when calling trackAction(action:data:) from the iOS Mobile SDK version 4.17.0. It looks like this is possible from the Web SDK, but I don't see a way to do this from iOS. Is there a specific context data key that I can set?

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I agree with Jen Andrews don't need to set page name with trackAction calls. However, in some cases, you may want to set pagename with trackAction calls.

How page name gets set:

trackState reports the View State as Page Name, and state views are reported as Page View in Analytics. The value is sent to Analytics by using the page name variable (pagename=value).

If you really need to set pagename with trackAction call I would recommend setting pagename in contextData with trackAction call and then map that in a custom prop in processing rule.



[ACPCore trackAction:@"my_action" data:@{@"action_pagename":@"my page name"}];

Processing Rule:

Rule Set Value


If a.action equals 'my_action'
ActionOverwrite value of prop1 to context data 'action_pagename'

This setting will allow you to set pagname in custom prop with trackAction.

Note: you can directly overwrite pagename with any contextData value in proc rules but it may have an impact over data collection in Adobe. Hence you must talk with processing rule expert about its consequences over data collection/reporting in Adobe beforehand.

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Hi ryanz28689484

Setting a Page Name in trackAction call is really a moot point, as a trackAction is not captured as a pageView nor is the value captured in the Pages Reports.  trackAction method is reported in Action Name report and in the Links -> Custom Links Report.

Is there a specific reason you are attempting to capture a pagename on an Action/Link call?