iOs/Android library matrix



Have a matrix of iOs and Android library changes in line with code versions.  We have recently spent a lot of time trying to work out why our iOs app was crashing when enabling Best Practice Tracking.  After some time and discussions with Client care, it appears that this was once a plugin and not compatible with versions pre-v4.  By having a release matrix of changes by code version would save us all a lot of time and make understanding implementations much easier.


Developers do not have time time to be reading through reams of release notes and instead a simple quick ref guide would be ideal.

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Even release notes would be a good starting point from Adobe ... they don't ship any with the appmeasurement libraries (or so it seems).




All the 3.x SDK's ship with comprehensive release notes for iOS, Android, Win8, WP8, and OSX. The release notes will show you changes for each version so you know what the updates are if you jump releases. Also, I post them all as a comment on the download page in developer connections so you can get an email when a new version is posted if you follow the download page.