Include Screen/Page Name on trackAction events



In current versions of the SDK (v4 and AEP), trackAction events do not include the name of the Screen or State the action occurred on - by default the pageName parameter is populated by the App Version, and this appears to be discarded on processing.

Because of this, there is no out-of-the-box way to report on Action Name (or other dimensions set on a trackAction) against the Screen/Page/State that the action occurred on - a very common, straightforward report. This forces implementations into bulky workarounds such as including Page Names in the Action Names or creating a second Page Name custom dimension.

If trackActions captured the actual Page Name, this would make a very common scenario much easier to implement & report on.

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If you store your screen name in an evar with visit or visitor level persistence you could do this with trivial effort.  This would be consistent with what most users do on the web, as pageName is disgarded on calls.