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Our app has a "call back" functionnality that allows users to receive a call from one of our call centers.

We would like to measure the number of calls that are getting into our app users.

I know that this is 'off line' data . But I was wondering if the SDK doesn't has already a "App interruption" action for incoming calls that we could track and analyse.

Kind regards !

And cheers to the adobe Analytics community !


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Mario,

I do not think there is anything that is like App interruption.

I would advise you to work with your developers to add additional logic to track this. For example there is the following IOS developer doc: Responding to Interruptions

Strategies for Handling App State Transitions

So you will have 2 options:

Send a trackAction call when the app enters foreground again

Send a trackActionFromBackground when the app enters background doc Analytics Methods

Best regards.

Alexis Cazes

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