How to track multiple variables for a page/link with the latest Omniture SDK?



Hi Team, 

We are able to use the latest Omniture SDK and track single variable with below code, But for us the requirement is to track multiple parameters against page name. For ex: we need to track the City, Zipcode, customerNumber etc.. With the new module we are unable to findout how to pass multiple parameters to a single call as it is accepting only object as a value. Can you please let us know how should we handle this type of scenarios ?

Omniture.trackState(‘Home’, {City: ‘Hyderabad’}

Please find below working code with the previous omniture module, 

Var input = [{ city : ‘hyderabad’}, {zip : ‘500020’}, {customer : ‘U64133390’}]; 

for(var param in input){ 
omniture[param] = input[param] 


So in the latest omniture module how should we pass array of values to omniture as it is not accepting the array value. 

// New method to track 
Omniture.trackState(‘page’, {key: ‘value’}) 


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