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I've found our eVar/prop for raw referrers showing unfamiliar value "android-app://".
However, default "Referrer" doesn't count such value at all.
The value of "Referrer Type" broke down by this raw referrer is "Typed/Bookmarked". 

I discovered this is the value of referrer of Google Search App traffic.
Then is it appropriate to deal it as "No Referrer"? Should we treat it as search traffic?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @Kunihiro - I found this today as well. Here's the latest updates from Adobe which describe them now supporting the referring information from Mobile Apps. 

NoticeDate Added or UpdatedDescription

Removed restrictions on how Analytics handles technology data

Update for November 29:

This change became effective on November 14, 2016.

Previously, Adobe Analytics did not record technology data for mobile web traffic. Meaning, reports in the Visitor Profile > Technology section in Reports & Analytics did not receive data for mobile web hits. Beginning with this release, the following reports will populate from mobile web traffic:

  • Java
  • JavaScript / JavaScript Version
  • Color Depth
  • Resolution
  • Browser Width
  • Browser Height
  • Referrer Type (typed / bookmarked)

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