Experiences with Debugging Analytics on Mobile Apps




Apps are a different beast, and we want to make them a little easier to work with. How do you currently debug analytics on mobile apps? What works and what doesn't? What do you wish was better? The more detail you include (especially examples) the better it is for us!





Hello !

So, I used to work with Charles Proxy when debugging IOS apps, even if the config was a little bit hard and confusing.

But then I went on holydays, broke my phone, got a new phone, and now - to my bemusement - back at work the config is not working, I'm a little bit confused. Maybe they also changed the proxies of the Wifi at my work.

Also maybe the only doc I have is a little bit outdated :
Using Charles Proxy for Analytics | Digital Data Tactics

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I think that Charles (that Marion mentioned) is the best option.

The unique problem is to debug Android devices. On new Androids (version 7+) there is now an security protocol that prevents charles to work properly (I confirmed that with Charles support).

To solve that I had to downgrade my device of tests




I actually liked using bloodhound, just because it allowed me focus a bit easier on just the adobe analytics requests and I didn't have to spend quite as much time searching through the various request data to find what I was looking for. The one thing that I didn't like about bloodhound was that it wasn't immediately clear that it completely intercepted the adobe hit. There were a few times I had to explain to various folks using it that they needed to change their settings if they expected their data to still record into our report suite.

Since bloodhound has sort of dissappeared I have been using Charles. What I don't like about charles is that it captures every request, not just the adobe ones. It is pretty trivial to filter but after alot of data has accumulated charles seems to slow down a bit even with a filter.

Also, the display of the data is not great, bloodhound had it much better organized which is obviously to be expected with a generic vs. a custom solution.





So with 7.0 Android introduced new TLS/SSL Default Configuration Changes

As per the document Android 7.0 Behavior Changes | Android Developers and it's not possible to track the calls even through charles from android app..

I use Adobe debug tool to trace the call which is cool but have challenges with the HTTPS calls specially with android.




Now I started using Fiddler 4 proxy, I don't know why, but config was better documented and easier !

Works smoothly for me right now !





Hey Justin, you may want to check this out.  Maybe adobe can do some kind of partnership or integration with Charles- but they got a new iOS app for Charles and you can check it out here: https://www.charlesproxy.com/documentation/ios/   and here: Charles Proxy on the App Store

I mention because I just spent the better half of my day trying to figure out why I couldn't debug with my Android with the app but could with mobile web...  I wish i'd have found this forum sooner. That was a nightmare haha. Thanks Justin.




This struggle is real!  We are looking into remote debugging on Chrome/Safari as a Charles alternative due to corporate firewall issues. Even considered an app to listen to livsteam api (I know this is up your alley!). The challenge is when you want to see the data layer. I hope Adobe can come up with something. The lack of an easy to use option is making the implementation process for apps exceedingly difficult.