duplicate Omniture calls in Android tablet



We're seeing duplicate Omniture calls all request in the Charles proxy server.  Here's the example:

1. http://metrics.directv.com/b/ss/dtvappandtabprod/0/JAVA-1.2-AN/s58163067?AQB=1&ndh=1&t=23%2F2%2F2015...

2. http://metrics.directv.com/b/ss/dtvappandtabprod/0/JAVA-1.2-AN/s58163067?AQB=1&pccr=true&vidn=2A882898051D278A-60000139000120C0&g=none&&ndh=1&t=23%2F2%2F2015%2010%3A45%3A35%201%20480&ce=UTF-8&cc=USD&events=event26&v4=ET&c6=38935779&c27=MP%7CNull%7CNull%7CNull%7CNull%7C3168804935&v27=MP%7CNull%7CNull%7CNull%7CNull%7C3168804935&v31=38935779&v61=2015-03-23T10%3A45%3A35-0700&s=1024x600&AQE=1

The only distinction is that the second request has the added items in bold.  In the Charles proxy request, the extra parameters include "pccr", "vidn", and "g".

We're sending Omniture two separate request, thus getting charge twice for the Omniture call but I'm being told that Omniture only accepts one.  Can you confirm? 


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Accepted Solutions (1)




You'll only see one in reporting (due to the duplicate hit flag), but I'm pretty sure those still count towards server calls in your contract.

I'd recommend going through the code in question and locating all references to the s.t() (or if using the android SDK one of these methods). You're likely going to have more than one instance of an image request going out - figure out which one you want to remove and remove it.

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Answers (3)



Robert - I'm seeing the same thing in my Android app. It looks like the first call is being redirected and inserting the additional parameters. It is causing Adobe to count a new unique visitor for every tracking call. 

Where you able to get this resolved?