Difference between resume/launch in 2.x Android SDK versus 4.x



In the 4.x SDK, if the app launches from the background less than five minutes from the previous launch, it counts as a resume, but past five minutes (by default) it counts as a new launch. 

Was it the same way in 2.x? Was there a time distinction between resume and launch, or some analogue of the lifecycleTimeout field? 

Also: where can I find documentation about 2.x? I have some legacy code that had it (which is no longer in production) and am frequently asked about how things have changed. Questions like that are hard to answer if I don't know how it should have behaved when the code was using the 2.x version of the SDK. 

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Here is the link to Android 2.x Appmeasurement:


Note that Appmeasurement for Android was 1.x and iOS was 2.x; Android went from 1.x to 3.x. This is why the doc says it's for version 1.x, but it's the one you're looking for.