Counting events to be used as in-app message trigger



     I have got the in-app messaging working on our test environment (Ex. show a message every time the user logs in). The next step is configuring a message on the production environment version and I have  hit a roadblock in there. Below are the details:

Platform: iOS SDK

Objective: Show an in-app message asking the user to provide a rating after 5 successful logins.

     We currently have a tag (ex. home|loginSucess), but is there a way to count down how many times the tag has been registered. I know that we can count this in the app and then have a separate tag for when the user completes five logins, but I am looking for doing this through the dashboard. Showing the message on a single occurrence is easy. The multiple occurrence thing is where I am unable to figure out the setting.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi sagarpatkar​,

The Mobile Services dashboard currently does not have a direct way to trigger an In App message based on how many times a tag has been registered. The way you describe in which we can use the app to keep track of the frequency and configure the in-app message to trigger when the count reaches 5 looks like a good solution for this.

Let us know if you have further questions.

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