Can't capture eVar value via App Measurement v4.x



We are using App Measurement SDK for iOS and Android v 4.X for analyzing our mobile app.

Basic analysis is going good.

But, eVar capturing is not working.

We create a Hash map to deliver context data, and set key and string value on it.

Then we call trackAction with it.

Android code is like below.

>HashMap <String, Object> contextData = new HashMap<>();

>  String sex = getStringSexForEvarData(firstCard.getCardSex());

>  contextData.put("user.gender", sex);

>  String isAutoLogin = getStringBooleanForEvarData(settings.getBoolean(SaisonSettings.KEY_AUTO_LOGIN_FLG));

>  contextData.put("setting.auto_signin", isAutoLogin);

>  String isPassLock = getStringBooleanForEvarData(settings.getBoolean(SaisonSettings.KEY_PASSCODE_LOCK_SETTING_FLG));

>  contextData.put("setting.passlock", isPassLock);

>  String isFingerPrintLock = getStringBooleanForEvarData(settings.getBoolean(SaisonSettings.KEY_FINGER_PRINT_ENABLE));

>  contextData.put("setting.biometric", isFingerPrintLock);

>  String isBeaconNotify = getStringBooleanForEvarData(settings.getBoolean(SaisonSettings.KEY_BEACON_NOTIFICATION));

>  contextData.put("permission.area_contnet", isBeaconNotify);

>  String isNotifyDeals = getStringBooleanForEvarData(firstCard.getNotifyDeals());

>  contextData.put("permission.otoku", isNotifyDeals);

>  String isSmartMonitorRegister = getStringBooleanForEvarData(firstCard.isSmartMonitorRegister());

>  contextData.put("spmonitor.register", isSmartMonitorRegister);

>  String isOrigamiPayRegister = getStringBooleanForEvarData(SpayUtility.isOrigamiPayRegisterAppAndCard(firstCard.getEncryptedSid()));

>  contextData.put("origami.register", isOrigamiPayRegister);


>  Analytics.trackAction("update_evar", contextData);

In the Mobile services I can see the context keys and I did assign it to proper eVar.

But, in the Analytics-> custom conversion report, the eVar value is "unspecified" ( it is expected to be "ON" or "OFF")

We checked the content of contextData sending to trackAction, and the context value looks good...

Log is like below.

>***** D/key -> data: permission.otoku -> ON

>***** D/key -> data: permission.area_contnet -> ON

>***** D/key -> data: user.gender -> 女性

>***** D/key -> data: spmonitor.register -> OFF

>***** D/key -> data: setting.passlock -> ON

>***** D/key -> data: setting.auto_signin -> ON

>***** D/key -> data: origami.register -> ON

>***** D/key -> data: setting.biometric -> OFF

Please anyone kindly let us know what could be bad in our implementation or setting.

Or, please let us know good way to debug problem like this.

Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Shinya Ohnuki

In either the Mobile Services UI or the Analytics processing rules you must have the contextData being sent mapped to the appropriate evars.

In Charles you will see for the hits being sent to Adobe a c. .c parameter, contained within these tags should be the values that you are sending as contextData which should be mapped to the appropriate evar either done via the Mobile Service UI under Manage Variables & Metrics or via processing rule in Analytics for the reportsuite.


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