Bloodhound Hits not Showing up



I am using Bloodhound version 3.1.1, am on a Mac (OS 10.11.5), my phone is on iOS 9.3.5 and am trying to use Bloodhound to see hits in an app we are working on. 

I have gone through the steps listed out here and was even able to see the screen they showed in the "Troubleshooting" section (see attached)

Bloodhound used to work for me just fine but it seems that a few weeks ago it stopped working altogether and I am unable to get any hits to show up in the bloodhound interface. Any suggestions?

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Answers (1)



Hey Ryan,

Thanks for the response. I normally do use Charles for all of my debugging purposes. For mobile apps, however, it's been nice to use Bloodhound because you can sign in and it shows where each context data variable is going to end up after going through the processing rules. This usually ends up saving me some time so I don't have to look at the context variable and then look at the processing rules and decipher what's going to happen once Adobe processes the data.