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Hi Adobe Mobile Engineers,

I have following scenario.

I'm receiving push notification in 3 different situations.

1- App is in foreground

2- App is in background

3- App is force closed

I have followed collectLifecycleData and all that documentation.

The sdk tracks analytics for deep link in 1st and 2nd case, although not in the 3rd case.


if(MobileConfig.getInstance().mobileUsingAnalytics()) {

  AnalyticsTrackInternal.trackInternal("AdobeLink", cData1, StaticMethods.getTimeSince1970());


Execution will not enter the if block in 3rd case. Note that my Notification Receiver activity starts collecting lifecycle data as the first statement in onCreate().

and that is where I'm calling it to track the deep link url after that.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



We have a gateway for the sdk in the app, which was setting the config. In this case, since the sdk was tracking analytics , the gateway to set the config was never called. Fixed that and it worked in force closed case too.

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