Android Mobile Crashes are Very high in Adobe Analytics



Hi All,

We have implemented Analytics code in Android and iOS applications and data is getting captured.

But its very strange that the crashes for Android is very high. While iOS is much lesser, not sure what is the issue. Is there some definition from Adobe how the crashes is calculated.

Is there a way where can we get to know reason for a crash for both the Apps.

Can we do some additional tagging to reduce crashes

Thanks in advance.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Tirumal,

If you need more information on Andriod Application Crashes implementation, kindly go through the Track App Crashes

All of your Activities should correctly callcollectLifecycleData()andpauseCollectingLifecycleData().

Thank You!


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Answers (2)




Hi Tirumal,

Crashes are calculated as part of the LifeCycle metrics.

When lifecycle metrics are implemented, a call is made to 'Config.collectLifecycleData' in the 'OnResume' method of each activity. In the 'onPause' method, a call is made to 'Config.pauseCollectingLifeCycleData'.

In the 'pauseCollectingLifeCycleData', a flag is set to indicate a graceful exit. When the app is launched again or resumed, 'collectLifecycleData' checks this flag. If the app did not exit successfully as determined by the flag status, an 'a.CrashEvent' context data is sent with the next call and a crash event is reported.

To ensure accurate crash reporting, you must call 'pauseCollectingLifeCycleData' in the 'onPause' method of each activity. Additionally, please make sure you are using the latest SDK.