Analytics Request Being Queued , Not able to send data from Swift Demo App



Hello Everyone,

I am trying to follow the documentation to understand Analytics implementation on the IOS app using Swift.

I just followed whatever is there in below URL :

Install the Mobile SDK

I see :

1. Successfully downloaded Rules from ' in my console

2. Sending request (

3. ID Service - Got ID Response (mid: XYZ, blob: zyz, hint: 8, ttl: "604800000 ms")

I only installed Analytics in my extension , disabled Offline line hits in analytics and report suite is configured with timestamp optional setting ..  just to make things simpler .. Build was successful I see the app launched right but I see below for Analytics request. Its always queued .. I tried everything couldn`t find much of info on this ..

I see below in the console :

Analytics Request Queued (ndh=1&c.&a.&AppID=BusBookingSwift%201.0%20%281%29&CarrierName=%28null%29&DeviceName=x86_64&OSVersion=iOS%2012.1&Resolution=750x1334&RunMode=Application&.a&.c&aamb=j8Odv6LonN4r3an7LhD3WZrU1bUpAkFkkiY1ncBR96t2PTI&aamlh=8&ce=UTF-8&cp=foreground&mid=60966434714968856807426109547853715956&pageName=Home%20Screen&t=00%2F00%2F0000%2000%3A00%3A00%200%20600)

Can someone help me where I am going wrong ?



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Hi Anu @anudeeps65186663,

It doesn't appear that your Launch Mobile Property configuration is valid.  This does not appear to be correct. 

What is your Launch Mobile Property called?

Confirm that you have added the necessary information in the Mobile Core extension, your OrgID as well as in your Analytics Extension confirm the reportsuite and tracking server?   Then ensure the Environment in your ACPCore.configure(withAppid: " ...")  is the correct value.