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for business requirements, we need to send the advertising ID (Google's ADID or Apple's IDFA) to a 3rd party API. We've noticed though that in the context variables there is no mention about this information.

Is it perhaps a "hidden" context variable we can use, or it's not available at all? Would it be possible to expose it without needing to change the applications' source code?

Thank you

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Hi Audiens​,

Starting with Mobile SDK v4.6.0 you can configure postbacks to send data to a third party server and use template expansions for populating the advertising identifier value. Find more details here: Postbacks Overview.

You can configure even more complex rules if you use the Adobe Experience Platform SDKs, see an example here Signal extension and Rules Engine integration - Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs.

Hope this helps,

Emilia Dobrin

Computer Scientist

Adobe Experience Cloud