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Are virtual report suites supported with AMS? I attended a training back in 2016 that said they were not supported. Has that changed? If so, can you point me to where in the Adobe knowledge base it says that VRS is supported in AMS?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Per documentation

1. Your organization uses the Adobe Mobile Services UI to manage mobile app marketing activities across multiple apps.

The Adobe Mobile Services UI combines mobile app data from your Adobe Analytics report suites with the ability to send push notifications, run A/B tests, and generate in-app messages. Adobe Mobile Services does not currently support virtual report suites. If your organization has or is likely to have multiple apps, and wants to use this UI to manage these activities in those apps, you should use a global report suite with child report suites for each app.

Use case: You have five different apps, and various mobile product teams use Adobe Mobile Services to send push notifications to each app individually. You use secondary server calls to send data about each app to its own report suite, so that each product team can see their own data and manage their own mobile campaigns in Adobe Mobile Services.

Note: This does not apply if you have multiple apps but do not intend to use Adobe Mobile Services; all app data will be available in Adobe Analytics and can be separated using virtual report suites.

Per the description I think it says that AMS does not support Virtual Report Suite when it comes to manage the mobile features, in-app messaging etc...

When it comes to reporting I think it should be supported and you would want to use the Adobe Analytics interface to report on instead of AMS.

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