Action Name Report Attributes



Does anyone know what the attributes of the the baked in Action Name Report are? This is the report that collects all mobile trackActions. My suspicion is that it is a baked eVar with visit expiration and recent allocation but I cannot prove that. Thanks!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




The ActionName that is passed in the trackAction call,

  1. [ADBMobile trackAction:@"myapp.ActionName"

  2.    data:nil];

will be sent each time the trackAction is called.  The value that is captured, does not expire, and is captured and reported each time it is sent.

You can think of it similar to a call for the web,  in Mobile the trackAction is basically a custom track link call.  You can pass optional evars, events in contextData that will have expiration, allocation etc, as you have defined for each of the variables.