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nickdietsch 19-02-2010

Existing Functionality: Currently when users login at, they're directed to the Omniture Suite pinwheel page to select the product they'd like to access.

Idea: Provide users the ability to select a product, via a dropdown menu, they would like to access when entering their login credentials. Omniture users often use the same couple of products on a regular basis. This would eliminate the extra page and subsequent click to select the product from the Omniture Suite pinwheel, thus providing users faster access to the reports.

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nic_cm 25-02-2010

Good idea, although access to "Company Announcements" should be moved to the header or (in SC) below the reports menu of all products

rindsay 08-03-2010

Nice one.


I'd even take it a step further and let people select a product to ALWAYS display on first login, by user account -- maybe in the account settings? Personally I always head off to SiteCatalyst so I'd like to be able to do that automatically without messing around on the login screen.

pfg51073 10-03-2010

I agree with rindsay.  I get tired of telling users/clients I support on SiteCatalyst to "click the green button at the top of the wheel".  Give them the option of skipping that step, or admins the option of setting users up so they skip that step.


Try these:


With Discover, right-click the Launch Discover button, copy the URL and bookmark it. Hope that helps!

nickdietsch 09-04-2010

The product domains are very helpful. Thanks!

mesut03521 20-04-2010


csutter3 05-05-2010

Brett - it would be great if the New User Account welcome email from Site Catalyst would point to the URL .

Currently it directs people to