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Hi Team,

I've few doubts related with CRM data upload to Audience Manager using FTP Process. Please refer below table (.csv) for my CRM data assumption

Customer IDABC
123 Yes 
789Yes No Yes

Question #1: Consider my Customer ID 123 has only one CRM attribute (B=Yes) and doesn't have other two attributes in system (A, C). What should be the best practice for my csv file data 

                Should I have an entry>> 123    "A"="", "B"="Yes", "C"="" OR it should be just >> 123    "B"="Yes"

Question #2: I've an existing record uploaded in last .sync file with Customer Id - 456    "A"="Yes", "B"="Yes", "C"="No". In my next .sync file I update the record to -  456    "A"="No", "B"="", "C"= NULL

                After successful file upload what will be the value for B and C

Question #3: I've an existing record with Customer Id - 789    "A"="Yes", "B"="No", "C"="Yes" and this customer left the organization so I want to delete this record form AAM system

                Do I need to update the record in next sync file like - 789    "A"=NULL, "B"=NULL, "C"=NULL?

                The value which needs to be set will be NULL not "NULL", Please confirm which one is correct and if it is case sensitive?

Thanks in advance!!

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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I was able to check with our AAM support team on your questions. They indicated the following:

1) It depends on customer preference and whether you're are using a .overwrite or a .sync file.  In general, if you upload data values that do not have a corresponding trait, we will ignore the values and list them in the Unused Signals report".

2&3) With data files in general, we process the data on a per-upload basis.  If the key of "B" was uploaded with the value of "Yes" we would look for any traits that correspond to that data pair and would evaluate them.  If none are present, we ignore the value.  If a trait is looking for it, then we will realize it.  If a subsequent file is uploaded with a value of " " for "B" then our system would again look for traits that match and disregard the data if none exist.  This would not have impacted the previous trait realization because the associated user had already realized a trait.  If you were to use a .overwrite file, however, then it would make a difference.  If you uploaded a .overwrite file in the second instance, any traits that were looking for the "B" = "Yes" value would be disqualified because the value changed and was no longer what the trait was looking for.  I recommend they take a look at our documentation at and go from there.


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