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I am trying to use my Analytics segments as audiences for target activities, and the content is not delivered correctly, only showing default experiences. In Analytics, the segment builder and related reports are working fine, so I guess the problem is not between AEM and Analytics.

This may be related: when I use Analytics as reporting source for Target Activities, there is always a problem with the synchronization ("Your updates did not publish  to Adobe's delivery network").

Thanks in advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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It sounds like your account may have a provisioning issue with your account. Based on the info you've provided, it sounds like your trying to create a segmenting in Analytics to be used in a Target activity.  You are also trying to report on that activity inside Analytics using the A4T integration. If all visitors are receiving the default experience, we need to validate 1)that visitors are qualifying for the segment and 2) that those visitors are correctly being passed to Target.

Are you getting the "Your updates did no publish..." message inside the Target UI or is it somewhere else?

I think the quickest way to solve this would be to open a ticket with Client Care. If you can compose an email to with the following info, we can get it over to the Core Services team for troubleshooting.


Company Info
Marketing Cloud Org ID (IMS Org) - Link to documentation:
Analytics Login Company :
Target Client Code:

Other Info:
Analytics Segment Name:
Target Activity Name:

Unable to use Analytics segment as the audience for Target activity. Receiving error message "Your updates did not publish to Adobe's delivery network" inside _______ UI when I do _________

Please assign to Core Services team for integrations troubleshooting.