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I recently started playing with Customer Attributes available in Profiles & Audiences of Marketing Cloud. I've noticed that once my Customer Attribute Source is created an corresponding Data Source is created in Audience Manager.

Is it possible to create traits in AAM using that Data source, and then create Segment that can be used in Target ?

Let's imaging following scenario

  • Uploaded customer attributes
  • Created trait based on that attributes
  • Created segment based on above trait
  • Then use that Segment as Audience in Target

How trait can be build using that data source ? what variables I should used in trait expression ?

Then on the page my understanding of the implementation process is as follows:

  • Implemented visitor ID service that also sends customer ID (matching the customer attributes in marketing cloud)
  • Implemented Audience Manager and Target on the page.
  • Should I integrated AAM with Target through cookie ? Or it can be done server side (on marketing cloud) through Visitor ID ?
  • Should I send customer id data to AAM or combining it with Visitor ID is enough ?

Could you please advice ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



This is an excellent question!

We've laid the groundwork to enable Customer Attributes in Audience Manager, and we're actively working on solving the remaining technical challenges, but so far Audience Manager does not yet support them.

There are two primary ways to onboard CRM data into AAM – natural matching and onboarding with a 3rd party match provider.  The best solution is dependent on the number of authenticated users you see, but we often have many customers use both methods. 

Natural Match: Upon user authentication or identification, AAM can perform an ID sync to stitch together the AAM UUID and your CRM ID.  This match then allows you to pass a file containing your CRM data into AAM and tie it to the AAM profile for that user.  Please note, any synced Ids must be hashed as no PII can reside within AAM.  More information on how to onboard CRM data can be found here -

Onboarding via 3rd party match provider: This method is used to onboard CRM data into the DMP for users who have never authenticated.  In this workflow you would pass a CRM file directly to the data onboarder who would then match the customer records back to their match network to associate anonymous identifiers (cookies and mobile Ids) with those users.  Then, based on the AAM integrations with the match providers, they can pass the CRM data into AAM leveraging our server-to-server integrations.  To setup a new onboarder integration, please work directly with your client services team.



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Answers (3)


Community Manager


Hi Kapil,

There haven't been any changes that I'm aware of to Customer Attributes and Audience Manager.

I'd suggest posting a question in the Adobe Audience Manager​ community with a link back to this thread for context. That way, the AAM experts will see your question and might be able to provide a solution to your use case.





I see that this post is little old i.e. from 2016. I have the same question and exact same use case to be worked on.

  1. Do we have a way in AAM to achieve this?
  2. How can i use the updated customer attributes in Target for deliver the trait and segment based experience on an AEM site?
  3. I have read the customer attributes documentation talking about a delay(more than 24 hours) in the attributes start appearing in othet marketing cloud products, is it applicable to new schema item or even the updated fields in the existing schema will take that much of time to start appearing in AMC(Adobe Marketing Cloud)?

Can some one help on this and provide the solution/suggestion on the same?


Kapil Malik