Completely clear out an ID used in visitorSyncIdentifiers (iOS App SDK)



In the Mobile Services SDK (iOS) - is there a way to completely clear out an ID originally used in visitorSyncIdentifiers?

Even after I use the audienceReset method, I still see the ID present in any subsequent calls to Audience Manager (via audienceSignalWithData) in the d_cid_ic parameter.

Even passing through a new value for the same ID type just appends another d_cid_ic key/value pair in the Audience Manager requests.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Community Manager


Hi Aaron,

I've checked with our mobile team and it doesn't look like we have a viable solution to completely clear out an ID yet. We're still working through the problem via an engineering ticket. I'd suggest opening a ticket with customer care so we can be sure to get you added to that engineering ticket (if you haven't already).



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