XSV-350000 Unable to load document of identifier



Hi Adobe,

I am trying to add a new tab to the recipient input form which has worked great.

However I want to add a pop up box for more details on the row selected in that new tab.

I have added in zoom="true" which has enabled the pop up box but I keep getting the error in the title.

What is the cause of this and how can I fix it?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi ericl15913349​,

"Unable to load document from identifier" error is mostly attributed to some dangler reference.

The Workflow/webApp might be referencing a temporary table which is now purged, or if it was copied from some other entity, the copied Activities might be having some previous reference which aren't valid now.

At times, this is also related to some process (essential for the Workflow/webApp to successfully execute) not running.

I believe you are working with a webApp, if so, then was this copied/imported from some other webApp.

Are there some more details which show up in Logs.

When you say a pop up box has been added for more details on the row selected, maybe some reference to this row of data is causing issues.

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