XSV-350000 Unable to load document of identifier 'xtk:crdb_impala.xsl' and type 'xtk:xslt'.




I get the message above when I try to create a query accessing data from an external data source in a workflow. 'Edit query' - preview lets me see the correct data, however when I run the workflow (which only contains this one query), I get the error

XSV-350000 Unable to load document of identifier 'xtk:crdb_impala.xsl' and type 'xtk:xslt'.

Any ideas?

The data is accessed via an odbc connector.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Thanks for your time today.

Please find below a Summary of our discussion over call:

- You have an External Account setup as BBC Conformed and a corresponding bbc_address Schema.

This Account establishes ODBC connection with third party.

- There is a Workflow defined referencing this Schema where query activity has condition: field lp_usage_classification equal to business.

- The data preview of this query works fine, however the Workflow execution fails as per below message:

"XSV-350000 Unable to load document of identifier 'xtk:crdb_impala.xsl' and type 'xtk:xslt'."

- The message indicates reference to impala.xsl, impala drivers are installed on the application server to establish connection with the third party.

- This is a first time implementation which has never worked before.

- You tried clearing local cache, but this doesn't help.

- Server Build is: 8947.

Our Recommendations/Next Steps of Action:

Since this is first time implementation and that too related to some ODBC connections, we would request you to take this forward with Adobe Consulting Team so that you get the right assistance.

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