Why won't Premier Pro 2014 render all the layers in a sequence?



Hi I really need some help with this if anyone can help me please,

I would like to render a scene I have created on Premier Pro 2014 into a JPEG - just any kind of still image - I have made this scene up by taking different images and combining parts of them to make a whole image, I have used the 'Paint Brush' tool to cut up the different photos and combine them as a whole. The different parts of the images are each on different layers and haven't been made all on one layer (or worked on on top of one photo ect). 

The problem is that when I try to render this scene as a JPEG, some or one of the image layers disappears. On the preview when editing, you can see all the layers exactly how you want them and can work on them easily, but when it is rendered theres a bit of the image missing. I have found out that when you move the little toggle arrow tool (the one you can move back and forth to see the movement of the footage) you can see that an image layer is missing, and when you stop moving it, it appears again. Its really annoying and I really need this fixed 😞

So, why won't Premier Pro 2014 render all of the image/footage layers? 

I have tried to attach some images but this won't let me do more than one for some reason... basically everything is set to a normal setting, I haven't messed around with any of it really. 

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