Whats the best way to associate Tracking data and a List Updated datalist?



Right now I have my workflow ready to go, and all the conditional variables that vary per delivery are stored into the temporary table. At the end of the delivery, the columns I require are then saved with a ListUpdate action to preserve them to a datalist. Everything about the delivery is now working as desired, which is great! However.

In order to run diagnostics on the performance of these variables I need to be able to run some query on the the datalist that could make a join on the correct tracking data using the delivery id and recipient id to match up the rows.  Originally I had been hoping that I could link this created datalist directly to the tracking data adobe already has through the delivery_id, however I have not been able to locate how to do this.

So that brings me to my question: Whats the best way to associate Tracking data and a List Updated datalist?

Tips, or Instructions for a new user would be appreciated at this point.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi adamk81589338,

When you feed an output transition of a delivery to a list, it is only going to store the recipient details. There will be no traces of the delivery that was sent out.

You should also store the delivery ID. This is available right after the delivery activity and you should add an enrichment between delivery and List update. In the enrichment, add a new column and pass the variable $(vars/@deliveryId) into it. This way, each recipient will get a delivery ID associated with it.

Later when you are doing reporting, you can fetch logs from trackingLogRcp where the recipientID and deliveryID of your record from list match.

Hope this helps.