What technical skills do you need to implement Adobe Campaign?



I'm a marketing technology consultant who has experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, ClickDimensions.  This involves basic language changes, activating user defined fields, and setting up the system.

I also have some experience creating workflows and adding fields to forms in Dynamics CRM.

Are these the kind of technical skills needed to implement Adobe Campaign or do you need to know more HTML, CSS and/or Java Script at all?

If so, are these taught in the Adobe Campaign training courses?

Any feedback is appreciated.  Thanks!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Gregory,

Implementing Adobe Campaign might require some knowledge you already have, languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML and SQL basic knowledge is required if you want to perform advanced configuration. But the biggest knowledge you should have to implement Adobe Campaign is knowledge about... Adobe Campaign !

Here are the main training courses you might be interested in :

- Adobe Campaign End User (2 days) : The very first training that enables you to design and orchestrate your marketing campaigns. No specific technical knowledge required here

- Application Developer (1 day) : This training teaches you how to extend and customize your datamodel. This is the very first technical training and it requires XML and basic SQL knowledge.

- Workflow Data Management (1 day) : A deep dive into advanced segmentation and advanced technical workflows. Might require some JavaScript knowledge for scripting use cases.

- Web App / Survey (1 day) : Learn how to extend the user interface and to perform integration with intranet, extranet and Internet sites. Build data collection strategies using surveys. Requires HTML, CSS and JavaScript Knowledge.

We have many other training for some other optional functionalities of Adobe Campaign

Feel free to contact us at formation-neolane@adobe.com or browse our web site https://training.adobe.com/training/courses.html#solution=adobeCampaign for more info.