What factors can impact delivery throughput?



Hi Community,

I'm using Adobe Campaign v6 and would like to know what I could optimise to get a better throughput for my email deliveries. Is this more of a hardware or software thing?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Danny,

Throughput can depend on multiple factors (both hardware and software) among which:

  • amount of personalization
  • number of mta child processes
  • the pipe (or network bandwidth)
  • the sending IP reputation
  • the size of the emails
  • number of available CPUs for MTAs
  • load on the database at the send or speed of the execution database in the case of Mid-sourcing.

Based on all these factors, your throughput can vary a lot, from example from 200k emails/hour for extremely personalized deliveries with low bandwidth to 1000k or greater.

Building a good reputation for your IP is also very important.

Hope this helps,


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