what does xpath that looks like this do? [.]



Hi, I am trying to understand how this table works:

Explorer-> Administration -> Configuration -> Data schemas -> Recipient tracking los (nms)

In particular I want to understand in what columns i can find Opens and Clicks.

When viewing data from this table you see 'Opened / email address', see below.

When I do "Configure list" to try to understand how this is displayed I see this on the xpath [.]

What does this do? I cannot find any columns for Opens or other event types, Can you help me with that? thx


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




what is displayed is a compute string which is an XPath expression used to construct a string representing a record in a table associated with the schema. Compute string is mainly used in the graphical interface to display the label of a selected record.

The Compute string is defined via the <compute-string> element under the main element of the data schema. An expr attribute contains an XPath expression to calculate the display.

That being said, you can find the url type under trackingUrl link (screenshot below)