What does the status "start pending" mean in a delivery activity? Mail is not getting triggered in this case.



This happens when we use different typology rule in the delivery activity. If we define these rules in typology, mail gets triggered-Subject validation, URL label validation, Approval of URLs, Message size validation, Unsubscription link validation, Check proof target size, Check delivery size, Wave scheduling check, Social network sharing link validation, Deco-mail check. When we use these rules, mail does not get triggered in stage environment-Subject validation, URL label validation, Approval of URLs, Unsubscription link validation, Wave scheduling check, Deco-mail check. It is working fine in lower environment.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi niveditham69372126​,

Thank you for writing in. We will certainly try to help you out here but for that we will need a lot of details

  1. What is the stage instance build number?
  2. Build number of lower environment?
  3. Please share the delivery creative along with personalization blocks.

Start Pending means that the mta is unavailable for delivering your emails. Thats why it is in Pending state

This could happen because of lot of reasons.

  1. MTA service is not running
  2. MTA is unable to connect to your SMTP server
  3. Affinity used in your delivery is not assigned to any of the sending IPs.
  4. Personalization blocks used do not return one value in count per recipients. Either they are returning more than one value in response for each recipient or are returning none.

Hope these suggestions help.



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