[v6] I can't perform an action or I don't see a folder. What rights do I need?



The rights you need highly depend on the tasks you are to perform and the folders you need to be able to view or edit in Adobe Campaign.

For example: 

  • In order to start a delivery which has been analysed, a user must have the Named right "START DELIVERY". 
  • In order to start a workflow, a user has to have the Named right "WORKFLOW". Note: The user will need other permissions/rights to be able to view the workflow folder. 
  • In order to approve an offer, two options are available:
    • You can give the operator the Approval Administration right and nothing else. Then on the design offers & live offers folders, right click > properties > security and add the operator to the list of Authorizations, so they actually see these folders.
    • The better and less time consuming option would be to add the operator to the “Offer Managers” security group. This gives them access to both the offer folders mentioned above and also rights for approval.
      However, users still cannot deploy the offers to make them Live; only people with 'admin' rights can do this. Otherwise, users will see the following error “Non authorized access to requested service (right 'admin' needed).”

See documentation.