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We've created an audience based on Tracking Log label values. Now I want to to use that audience in another segmentation to build a new audience. However, when I add an Audience to the Audience builder, I can only select audiences with "Profile" as targeting dimension, not my audiences with "ms:trackingLogAppSubRcp:profileTrackingLog" as targeting dimension. 


How can I use that audience with "ms:trackingLogAppSubRcp:profileTrackingLog" as Targeting Dimension for further Audience work? Screenshot 2020-08-18 at 13.43.31.png

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Hi @MatiasBk ,

When trying to add an existing audience to a newly created audience, ACS will only show you audiences with a targeting dimension that matches the one selected for the new audience. Unfortunately I'm not sure if it's possible to choose the Application Tracking Logs table as the targeting dimension when creating a new audience, but it should be possible to do this via a workflow.


Read in the audience you've already created, perform the segmentation to remove some records from the target population and then save to a new audience: