Using Exprience Fragments in Adobe Campaign Standard

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Accepted Solutions (1)






You can use achieve below functionalities in ACS with AEM:

  • Integrated cross-channel content authoring: Build template-based emails in AEM with access to Campaign’s email authoring tools including: subject line, responsive preview, inbox rendering, send proof
  • Leverage all your Assets in one place: Select images from AEM Assets, Edit and personalize text & images and Configure content blocks, add email specific links and publish directly to a delivery in Adobe Campaign
  • Seamlessly build tailored content for all: Personalized images for email, Name, email, ID, attributes can be added, Insert coupon codes in images
  • Automate newsletters: Create recurring email campaign content. Once the creative is in place, simply swap the content of the email in AEM to be delivered when you decide
  • Unified customer data & personalization : 
    • Easily create, update and leverage contact profiles in Adobe Campaign based on data in Adobe Experience Manager
    • In AEM, you create forms with dedicated components respecting typology rules of Adobe Campaign

    • You map form fields with Adobe Campaign fields
    • You select the Adobe Campaign service subscription associated to your form & finally test it

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