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User unsubscribes, but then asks to be added back


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I've been asked to update profiles of users that have previously unsubscribed from our mailing list (some of them internal folks). I go to their profile, uncheck the "do not contact" boxes and hit save. I assume this saves the profile information and starts re-sending the user our communication. However, a few weeks pass and they reach back out that they haven't received anything. When I check the profile, all the "do not contact" boxes I removed and saved have now been added back.

My question is: does the system allow for an admin to remove the "do not contact" setting on the individual profile? Or does it need to happen somewhere else?

Thank you!

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It should remember the setting and honour it unless that user chooses to unsubscribe again.

Silly question but but are you sure you are saving the profile once updated? If you save, exit and go back is does it remember your changes?



I have a feeling that your unsubscribe landing page has been designed to unsubscribe the profile from a particular service. It doesn’t impact the “blacklist” fields of profile resource.

Then there is some custom process on yoru side which sets the “do not contact” field with the business logic implemented.

That is why this workflow again did set the “do not contact” information to Yes.

Can you please investigate accordingly or open a support case to assist with the investigation.