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Hi Nidhi,

We use revLink attribute in a link when we want to specify  the exact name of the link back to this table from the target table.  Otherwise Adobe Campaign automatically calculates it based on the name of the source table and name of the link.  Here is an example:

element type=”link” target=”cus:salesRep” name=”salesRep” revLink=”myCompanySalesRep”>

      <join xpath-dst="@REP_ID" xpath-src="@SALES_REP_ID"/>


    <element type=”link” target=”cus:salesRep” name=”partnerSalesRep” revLink=”myCompanyPartnerSalesRep”>

      <join xpath-dst="@REP_ID" xpath-src="@PARTNER_SALES_REP_ID"/>


You have a company table called cus:company.  In the definition of the company schema, you want to link to another table (cus:salesRep) for two different purposes.  The company has two reps associated with it---- a sales rep and a partner sales rep.

By default, Adobe campaign automatically calculates the revLink for these two link above to be “company-salesRep” and “company-partnerSalesRep” respectively.  If you want to override them, then you can come up with your own naming convention as long as there are not duplicates (Campaign does not give you an error if you use the same revLink twice).

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