Upload file from Adobe Campaign Workflow to s3





I'm trying to upload a file from Adobe Campaign Standard to S3 with a workflow, but I found this error:


CRL-290003 Upload error in cURL


CRL-290162 S3 upload request, received 403 http response code from AWS


The same workflow worked until days ago, and the same S3 works for other workflows at the tool. 


Please, someone knows how to solve this problem?


Thanks in advance,


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We had similar issues but not S3, it was with SFTP


I feel the S3 bucket that you configured does not have permissions or your credentials to connect to the S3 might be expired.


Try to connect to S3 bucket using curl command bypassing region id, secret key, bucket name, etc, and test the connection, if it fails through curl then there is a permission issue at AWS and not at the campaign side.


The 403 error talks about permissions, but I am wondering how the same s3 works for other workflows. is that other account also uses same S3 bucket?