Unique Opens and Unique Clicks not Updating in Workflow Report





I run a daily report in a workflow with a query object, and extract a report file, where I retrieve the unique opens and clicks from a set of deliveries. I am querying the 'Delivery' resource and pulling [kpis/@recipientClick] and [kpis/@recipientOpen] data, among other data. These two numbers have not increased in the last several executions. The deliveries were from a couple of months ago, and I want to continue to track these numbers. There were over a million emails delivered, so I don't believe there are no more opens and clicks, especially since they were increasing every day. I am new to Adobe Campaign, so I might be overlooking something obvious. 


Thank you kindly for any help with this.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Johnny,


Have you checked the Technical Workflow section of Campaign?  There are multiple workflows that need to be running in order to process the tracking and update the KPI tables.

Check out the help documentation below which details the use of each technical workflow:





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