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Unchecking keep result filed in a workflow through javascript


Level 2

Hi ,

I am trying to create a workflow which will be requiring to uncheck the "keep interim result" check box. I can always go to the workflow and can do it because surely that is not the best practice.

But what I am trying to achive is to uncheck that box by changing the value of @keepresult  in xtk:workflow schema from YES to NO , how exaclt I can achive that through javascript ?



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Level 10

Hi Arif,

Write something like this.

var keepResultIn = 0;

var iWorkflowId = instance.id; // update this is to get all ids if you want to do a bulk, this code will work for current workflow

if(instance.keepResult) {

xtk.session.Write(<workflow xtkschema="xtk:workflow" _operation="update" id={iWorkflowId} keepResult={keepResultIn}/>);





Level 2

Hi Amit,

Thanks! for the help, it's quite useful . You are a superhero .    : )


Level 1

Hi Amit,

I replace

var keepResultIn = 0; by var keepResultIn = '';

And all objetcs of my workflow were disappear

How to correct the problem.