Unable to run Adobe Campaign instance on windows 10



Hi All,

I have installed the Adobe campaign instance v6 6.1.1 build 8766 on my laptop having OS window 10. However it is showing a popup error while trying to launch the application. Please find the error in the screenshot. 

Is Adobe campaign compatible with windows 10? 

Kindly help to resolve this compatibility issue.

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florentlb wrote...


Yes Adobe Campaign is compatible with Windows 10. Can you make sure that your console is up to date compared to the server version?

Do you have the same issue if you enter the server address with https instead of http?

Also, according to the release notes, build 8766 is not a reference build. Can you upgrade to 8770 or higher?

Let me know,



Thanks for your suggestion Florent!

I just replaced https to http and its running fine now.