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We used an update process to change ID values of event configurations. This was done to avoid deleting and recreating them. We changed the value from EVT<various text values> to something like '1707211'. That process worked, but after that we are no longer able to publish, we get an error of attribute or element 1707211 is invalid. When looking at schemas, I see ext:rtEvent _<Values we changed things to> all still exist even after deleting all event configurations and starting over. This includes the original values, the updated values and the values from the events we recreated. We still can't publish anything, custom resources included. Has anyone encountered this before? How can we delete the ext schemas that seem to be causing this issue? 


Trying to publish the Event Configuration:


The ext:rtEvent schemas created after we ran our update process on the IDs, these events have since been deleted but this remains.




ACS error publish rtEvent

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @ryanbcg7 ,


Once the event has been created then you shouldn't change the id's of event. Since you are running into publishing issues, see if you can unpublish the event and delete then recreate to get publishing working fine. Incase, if you want to change the event then ultimately you have to create new event and specify the new name.



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