unable to delete old segment from adobe genesis connector (external account)



I have completed the adobe campaign to adobe analytics integration through Adobe Genesis connector so that all the segment created into analytics are being passed into campaign for remarketing through Genesis connector. Also I have created new remarketing campaign and deliveries and tag this segment with that.

Now I have deleted some of the segment into analytics. But when I passed again only active segments to campaign, I can still see the old segment active into campaign>adobe genesis connector(external account). 

Could you please suggest how to delete this old segments(Screen Shot attached). 

I require this because New Remarketing technical workflow are getting failed with remarks below(still referring to old segment which was already deleted from analytics): 

04/11/2017 6:54:18 AM    An error occurred: Segment "product image download: window" has not been created in the integration report suite.

04/11/2017 6:54:17 AM    Calculation start for the segment: product image download: window, from 04/10/17 to 04/11/17

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Accepted Solutions (1)




   Hello Manish,

There is an option under Administration >platform called NmsWebSegments_LastStates.

In this you would see all the segments present . Remove the ones that you do not want. Save the option

Come back to the segments tab in the web Analytics external account and click update segments link. Now you should see only the segments which is present in the options and once you update them the segment which is not required will not show up.

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