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Typology Usage


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Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding typology rules, I have mine setup and working properly, but they have several rules within them, which then makes it so that whenever I send out a delivery I usually have several recipients blocked ou by the rules, and that's ok.

My question is, is there a way to perfectly emulate the typology rule from within the flow, before I have the deliveries ready to go? I can try to simulate the rules with Splits and such, but is there a way to apply the exact typology rule?

I ask this so that whenever I have a delivery to go out, I can have the exact number to be sent before I even have the delivery ready.

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Can you simply prepare the delivery to see these estimates instead of sending it. Basically, just prepare the delivery (don't confirm it), get the estimates and record the numbers, make any changes that you wish and, reprepare the delivery to send it.

It can be cumbersome to mimic the same logic as the Control/Pressure rule as it is to get consistent results.


Aneet Arora


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Yeah, I've actually done that a few times, but with one delivery type (which was customized for the client I work for) whenever I place any sort of approvals in it, the delivery then proceeds extremely slowly, which is why I was looking for another way to simulate the results.

So far I've copied the rule within the typology that usually excludes most of the population, that's been giving me a nice estimate on the actual numbers, but then again, not really 100% precise.

Thanks for the Reply!

Humberto Maldonado