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Hi All,

We have  a requirement  as given below

1. Customer Table contains all the customers with distinct Customer Kay and  The same table  has a column named household key. The data from  customer table will look like


Customer Key Household Key

Now the typology rule that needs to  be applied  - Only one contact per household allowed within 2 days, we need to apply filter as well as pressure rules here. Is there any way we can achieve this using Typology rules ?

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Anumol Antony

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi, Rajesh,

It's achieved through "Calculating message weight." Weights can be calculated via a formula to suit recipients. For example:

Case 1: Same Email delivery

You can define the weight of delivery based on if a recipient is primary or secondary in a given household.

Case 2: Different Email deliveries

If you are using different deliveries, Assign different weights to different deliveries based on their priority in various/same campaigns.

Case 3: Same Email delivery and no Primary Recipient

If you are using the same email delivery and you do not have a primary recipient in the household, Change your query in the workflow because that's something should be controlled in the targeting workflow or you need to update your data model.

Note: Pressure rules in the recommended way to achieve this.

Filtering rules are used when you want to exclude or include an individual segment of the recipient's into your main target list not to limit the number of messages.



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Answers (3)




Hi Amit_Kumar​,

Pressure rule would help in sending 1 email with in 2 days to a customer of certain Household. However, selecting one customer (randomly or based on certain attribute) from the three qualifying customers of the same Household and sending only one email to that one customer with in 2 days is the question. Please let us know, if there is a way.

Targeting population (qualified for email targeting): 3 customers from the same HH.

Criteria: One email per HH in 2 days

Final targeting population: 1 customer receives one email (out of three qualified) in the given HH within 2 days.






Hi, Anumol,

This question is covered in the documentation here. You need not create a filtering rule only, pressure rule will be enough to solve your problem.

"To define the threshold, you can use a dimension linked to the targeting dimension: for example, to avoid sending more than one message per week to the same household, (which may refer to several email addresses) identified in a dimension linked to that of the recipients.

To do so, select the Count messages on a linked dimension option, then choose the household table."

Link: Consistency rules

Th only difference is that In your case rolling period will be 2 days.






Could someone please let us know the way? I have tried creating a Typology filter rule by using Row_Num function and it did not work.