Trigger a workflow using Dynamic JSSP page



Hi All.

I want to trigger a workflow using dynamic JSSP page. I have configured the workflow with external signal .In the JSSP page i wrote a postEvent method

<%@ page import="xtk:server/jsspcontext.js"   %>

<%@ page import="/nl/core/shared/nl.js,nms:amcIntegration.js"%>





xtk.workflow.PostEvent("WKF11", "signal", "", "", false)


When i access the JSSP page in the browser.

XTK-170019 Access denied.

SOP-330011 Error while executing the method 'PostEvent' of service 'xtk:workflow'.

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I guess this is a late reply. However, the solution might be the following.

As per the jssp page, the user/operator is anonymous. Hence you need to login.

<% var oldContext = logon('john-doe', 'password'); // login as john-doe
for(var i in application.operator){
  document.write(i+': '+application.operator[i]+'\n');


Use this inside jssp page. That should work for you. Reference: