Transactional Messaging - Reconciling with data that doesn't exist in Profile schema



Hi there,


I have a scenario whereby I plan to set up some event transactional triggers and send emails using email address and other ctx attributes in the event.


The reason that I plan to send as an event transactional message and not a profile transactional message is that I cannot guarantee that the profile will exist in the profile schema at the time.


However, if possible I'd prefer not to totally ignore these transactional messages from the profile's contact history if they do exist.


Is there any way around this?


e.g. match to profile and send as a profile transactional message if exists (and thus adds to history) Else just send the message to the email in the API call?

Or retrospectively use ctx fields from the event delivery logs to somehow add this data as a nightly job? (e.g. create a custom resource or somehow add a record to the profile delivery logs). I did try to see if I could access the ctx fields of a transactional message delivery log through a workflow query and this seemed difficult (despite the fact i assume this data is stored in the database somewhere as you can still preview the mirror link with these attributes populated).




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