Transactional Message - Fields in Preview/Test Msg coming up 'Undefined'





I'm trying to use personalization in the Transactional Msg template. I've define my fields in the Event. 

Image A.JPG


I then try to use the fields in the Transactional Msg, but they come back as 'undefined' in the Preview. When I try to use Postman and populate the fields in the ctx, the fields still return as 'undefined' 



Image B.JPG

Image C.JPG


Also - I set my @orderDate field as String in my Event, but when I populate the field as '10/01/2020' I get the following error: Date '10/01/2020' Invalid character at position 5 ('1')


If this is a String, what does it matter how I format it. This only seems to work if I format the field as '10-01-2020' 

Campaign Standard Personalization transactional message

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