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Hi there,

I am trying to set up my ACS instance and the tracking URL configuration so that every campaign has the same and specific parameters showing in our adobe analytics reporting. Is there any place to reference what the various parameter names, parameter values and applicability conditions are and mean? it seems like I can choose and/or write whatever I would like, but there must be some sort of format and structure to follow...

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Hi larav471714,

When it comes to Web Analytics, you first define report suites in Adobe Analytics side and define eVars. For each eVar based on your report sutie you will decide what is their purpose

eVar1 can be tagged to Delivery Log ID

eVar2 for ID of the delivery

You can then change the order or define new variables to capture more information like Campaign ID or Send time.

Once this has been defined, you come to Campaign and write the tracking formula so that the corresponding values are passed from Campaign.

In simple words, you are the designer and the configuration has to be done as per your needs. There is no hard and fast rule coming from Campaign.


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